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We are an online music production company based in London and Paris with over 20 years' professional experience in music production, mixing, mastering and sound design. We provide professional music production services to producers, songwriters, bands, singers, musicians, record labels, etc. Our aim is to help our clients to complete or create their music projects professionally, getting the highest results in terms of sound quality and creativity.
Our professional online services:
Mixing and Mastering
Music Production - Arrangement
Remix - Beats & Instrumentals (hip hop, rap, r&b)
Sound Design - Music and Sound for Film and Media
Thanks to our online set-up our Music Production services are developed and delivered via internet, providing our professional services to anyone around the world. We communicate, discuss and interact with our clients by email and in "real time" by our "Evibe Hotline Chat" (see our Contact webpage), or by instant messenger software for Mac or PC (MSN, Skype, iChat, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).
Our music production, mixing and mastering services are managed by Umberto Cimino. Producer, musician, sound engineer and sound designer with over 20 years' professional experience, he holds a 10-year diploma in music (Italian Conservatorio) and plays bass, guitar, keyboards and violin. He also specialises in sound design, editing and programming using exclusively Apple/Macintosh computers since the beginning of the digital music era. He entered the music business at a very young age. When he was 20 he started working as sound engineer, computer programmer and producer at "Splash" studio, one of the best-equipped recording studios in Italy and in the world (pics below).
After a few years he set up his own studio, producing and collaborating in-studio and on-stage with the best-known Italian artists such as:
Edoardo Bennato, 99 Posse, Gigi D'Alessio, Eduardo De Crescenzo, Peppino DI Capri, Roberto Murolo, Eugenio Bennato, Enzo Avitabile, and many others.
as well as internationally renowned musicians and artists such as:
Planet Funk, Naná Vasconcelos, Mike Stern and many others
Then he moved to London, carrying on with his career and music projects. He also signed contracts as an artist/producer with majors (WEA, Universal, BMG) and his productions are released, licensed and distributed worldwide. In all these years he has produced, arranged, remixed, mixed and mastered music projects in different styles for major and independent record labels. He has a wide musical experience and knowledge to provide infinite music solutions.
Our music productions are released, distributed and licensed worldwide, and also available on the best online digital stores, such as iTunes, VirginMega, Fnac, Emusic, Napster, T-Mobile and many others.
In this page you will find some audio samples of our latest clients and productions.
All the songs in this page are produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by U. Cimino (Evibe Prodcutions).
Please note: these audio samples have been optimized for web delivery (mp3 sound quality) and are not representative of our high-quality sound.
Artist   Artist
Induction   Strike Back Project
Song   Song
I Want You   Silence
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Keep Moving   Over Me
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relesed and distributed worldwide by WatchOut Records. Available also on iTunes   relesed and distributed worldwide by WatchOut Records. Available also on iTunes
Some of our client's feedback:
"As a songwriter working for Chrysalis Music I recently started to use the mixing and mastering services of "wizard" Umberto Cimino from Evibe Productions. His skills improved the final quality of my songs enormously."
Raoul Garcia Vao - songwriter Chrysalis Music
It was a great pleasure working with Evibe . At first I was a bit sceptical but after hearing the production for my song any doubts I may have had disappeared. The finished production was superbly done to my specification and taken to another level with the production and arrangement skills of Umberto Cimino".
Roger Soyemi - songwriter
"When I gave my track to Evibe Productions I had already heard it on various pa systems and it sounded flat and empty. I used evibes mixing and mastering service and heard my track in a major night club last night.... Amazing the track was so full of life and it almost blew the place up everything was spot on. I used evibe as this track was being released and I needed a professional to give my track a professional finish. We here at Jagged Records will be using their service for all our forthcoming releases."
Jon (Jagged Records) - producer
"Umberto Cimino through his mixing and mastering service has given my song depth and a production quality finish that I could not achieve on my own. The process was very easy and friendly and I will work more with Umberto in the future.
I highly recommend Evibe Productions services."
Paul Churchward - songwriter - composer - producer
"I greatly enjoyed working with Evibe on my album... Not only was the service fast and efficient, it also had the quality I had expected (and more). Umberto was very friendly and approaching, with quick replies to my questions. Most importantly, the final product was exactly what I had wish for. Thanks a lot, Evibe."
Sung Kim (Banana Dynamite) - songwriter - composer - producer
Evibe Productions offer a highly effecient yet very impressive service. In my work with Umberto I found him to be both professional and personable, and he provided a level of mixing and mastering expertise which I would reccommend to anyone.
Simon Waldram - songwriter - composer - producer
"I produce my songs in my home studio and I could not recognize them after Evibe's mixing and mastering ..."
John Watts - songwriter - composer - producer
Artist Artist Artist
Mr. White Open Minds Household
Song Song Song
Drive Me Check It Clouds
play   play   play
Evidence In The Night  
play   play      
relesed and distributed worldwide by WatchOut Records. Available also on iTunes   relesed and distributed worldwide by WatchOut Records. Available also on iTunes   relesed and distributed worldwide by WatchOut Records. Available also on iTunes
Artist Artist Artist
Deep Train 5 - Sensual Dawn mixed by The Timewriter (Plastic City)   Dreamer React
Song Song Song
Tracks 11 "Clouds" In The Air Looking For You
play   play   play
HouseHold by U.Cimino (Evibe Productions)   Once Again Embrace
      play   play
Relesed and distributed worldwide by Daredo Music - www.daredo-music.com   relesed and distributed worldwide by WatchOut Records. Available also on iTunes   relesed and distributed worldwide by WatchOut Records. Available also on iTunes
Artist Artist Artist Artist
Bronski Beat Change D.Hall & D.Oates SteelyDan
Song Song Song Song
SmallTown Boy Paradise Private Eyes Do it Again
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Artist Artist Artist Artist
DC9 Evibe Productions Evibe Productions Evibe Productions
Song Song Song Song
Off Sample Sample Sample
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relesed and distributed by Universal      
Artist Artist    
Evibe Productions Evibe Productions    
Song Song    
Sample Sample    
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Calssical - Orchestra
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