Music Production Online
We provide professional music production services to producers, songwriters, musicians, bands and anyone involved in music.
Thanks to our online set-up our Music Production services are developed and delivered via internet, providing our professional services to anyone around the world.
Music Production - Arrangement
We transform your demo songs and music projects in a professional music production. We work on every music project with meticulous attention to detail and according to the artist's own music style and personality, from the music arrangement to the sound quality, delivering a professional final master mix ready to hit the market. For further info see the "how it works" section further below.
Whatever your music style, we take the core of your song and give it a different music "frame", opening your music to a wider music fans target. To remix your song we only need the vocal audio tracks, and if needed, some music instrument parts.
Beats & Instrumentals (hip hop, rap, r&b)
We create professional customized Beats and Instrumentals for HipHop, Rap, RnB artists. All our Beats are available for non-exclusive licensing and exclusive licensing.
Our music productions are recorded, mixed and mastered in our Digital Studio Lab, equipped with the best professional hardware, outboards and software constantly updated, delivering the highest sound quality. We also have an extensive sound library with all kinds of loops, samples, instruments and effects, assuring the widest sound choice for any music styles.
We communicate, discuss and interact with our clients by email and in "real time" by our "Evibe Hotline Chat" (see our Contact webpage), or by instant messenger software for Mac or PC (MSN, Skype, iChat, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).
How It Works
Sending your demo and music project details
Contact us by email explaining your music project and we will give you a quote for it. At the beginning there is no money commitment involved. Any payment should be done after we send you our production preview for your approval (read step 2 below).
What we need from you:
For Music Production Arrangement of an original song
All we need is your demo or music idea. It could be a simple vocal melody, or some basic chords with a vocal line, or even a recorded song that you want re-producing/arranging. We will use your demo as temporary reference during the pre-production stage. The sound quality of your demo doesn't matter.
For Remix
We need the "lead vocal" and "backing vocal" audio files of your song. If you like you can also send one or more mp3 of other artists/producers as reference.
For Beats & Instrumentals (hip hop, rap, r&b)
We need one or more mp3 of artists/producers as reference, representing your music style & sound.
You can send us your mp3 demo by email. In case you have multiple mp3 to send please use one of the file storage websites, such as,,,, etc.
After we receive your demo we start the pre-production stage. We will arrange, produce and record your music project and, as soon as we are ready, we will send you a production preview . The production preview is a low-quality mp3 file that gives you a very good idea of what the final master mix will be like, such as the music instruments' sound and the arrangement. The final master mix will of course be in hi-quality sound and professionally mastered.
If you do not approve the production preview or for any reason you decide not to proceed, you will have no financial obligations towards us.
If you approve the production preview, you should then make a PayPal payment according to the quote we give you.
We can discuss by email or in real time by our Evibe Hotline Chat any suggestions about the music arrangement, such as: moving/muting existing instrument parts - increasing/decreasing instrument volume levels - changing the sound of an existing instrument part where it is possible, etc.
Sending your vocal audio files
For music production/arrangement of a original song: once you approve the production preview and the payment is done, we need your song vocal parts in order to complete your music production. You should record your vocal parts using our music production/arrangement as backing track and then send us the vocal audio files.
You can record your vocal parts on your own at home with a computer, audio software and a good microphone (if you want we can give you any recording advices in order to get the best sound quality). Otherwise you should book a recording studio or an home studio in your city and then send us your vocal audio files.
For Remix service: you should provide us with your vocal audio parts before we start to remix/arrange your song.
Mixing and Mastering
As soon as we receive your vocal audio files we complete your music production by mixing, mastering and doing all it needs to deliver a professional, high-quality final master mix.
When the final master mix is ready we will send you a weblink where to download an audio file in cd audio quality (wav format).
If you have any further questions please contact us
We provide professional sound design/editing, loops & samples on-demand and pre-production services. Our Digital Studio Lab is equipped with the best hardware and software, delivering the highest sound quality for your music projects.
Personalised sound design and selection of hi-quality professional loops, samples, multisamples and effects, for all kinds of music styles, compatible with the best audio software for MAC and PC (Logic Audio, Cubase, Ableton Live, GarageBand, Reason, Acid, Esx24, Giga, Halion etc.).
Adding, changing, replacing the sounds used in your demo, with the best loops & samples.
Converting midi files into professional hi-quality audio files, using the best professional samples and sounds libraries.
Sound design/editing services for filmmakers and media producers. We use Logic Audio to synchronise sound and video.
and much more...
Some of our client's feedback:
"As a songwriter working for Chrysalis Music I recently started to use the mixing and mastering services of "wizard" Umberto Cimino from Evibe Productions. His skills improved the final quality of my songs enormously."
Raoul Garcia Vao - songwriter Chrysalis Music
It was a great pleasure working with Evibe . At first I was a bit sceptical but after hearing the production for my song any doubts I may have had disappeared. The finished production was superbly done to my specification and taken to another level with the production and arrangement skills of Umberto Cimino".
Roger Soyemi - songwriter
"When I gave my track to Evibe Productions I had already heard it on various pa systems and it sounded flat and empty. I used evibes mixing and mastering service and heard my track in a major night club last night.... Amazing the track was so full of life and it almost blew the place up everything was spot on. I used evibe as this track was being released and I needed a professional to give my track a professional finish. We here at Jagged Records will be using their service for all our forthcoming releases."
Jon (Jagged Records) - producer
"Umberto Cimino through his mixing and mastering service has given my song depth and a production quality finish that I could not achieve on my own. The process was very easy and friendly and I will work more with Umberto in the future.
I highly recommend Evibe Productions services."
Paul Churchward - songwriter - composer - producer
"I greatly enjoyed working with Evibe on my album... Not only was the service fast and efficient, it also had the quality I had expected (and more). Umberto was very friendly and approaching, with quick replies to my questions. Most importantly, the final product was exactly what I had wish for. Thanks a lot, Evibe."
Sung Kim (Banana Dynamite) - songwriter - composer - producer
Evibe Productions offer a highly effecient yet very impressive service. In my work with Umberto I found him to be both professional and personable, and he provided a level of mixing and mastering expertise which I would reccommend to anyone.
Simon Waldram - songwriter - composer - producer
"I produce my songs in my home studio and I could not recognize them after Evibe's mixing and mastering ..."
John Watts - songwriter - composer - producer
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